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Conceptronic CCOMBOGR Stylish Multi Card Reader and 3 Ports Hub
(USB & firewire/ USB hub)

Artikel nr.: 18C062

This is a perfect combination in only one device! You add a 3 ports USB 2.0 hub and a all-in-one card reader to your netbook, notebook or PC using only one free USB port. Most memory cards can be used in this all-in-one card reader (e.g. SD(HC), MiniSD(HC), MicroSD(HC), MMC, MS, MSPro, MS Pro Duo*). The included AC/DC adapter simultaneously provides all USB ports with power. The combo hub/all-in-one card reader has a compact and unique design with a stylish green touch. The leds on the topcover indicate the status of the USB hub and each USB port or the status of the card reader.
* Some memory cards need an additional cardadapter