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LevelOne POR-1322 Industrial IP67 PoE BT extender/repeater, Network repeater, 100 m, IP67, Black
(Network products/ Switches & hubs)

Article nr.: 1064287

The LevelOne POR-1322 is the perfect accessory to increase your Power over Ethernet network performance. Normal ethernet cable runs only reach 100 meters, but with POR-1322 installers can extend the PoE network performance up to 500 meters with 4 nodes . Simple yet durable, no software required. As a PoE Repeater, POR-1322 receives all power from the Power Sending Equipment (PSE), for example, a PoE switch. This means that POR-1322 uses no external power supply, making it the most flexible option for system integrators looking for an easy, affordable solution to increase the distance to the attached devices. The POR-1322 is the perfect solution for taking Ethernet to areas such as roof tops, factory floors, airports manufacturing plants, and large warehouses.