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LevelOne WAC-2013 Gigabit Ethernet Wireless LAN Controller, Manage up to 256 APs, Black, Metal, Acti
(Network products/ Adapters)

Article nr.: 1064283

The LevelOne WAC-2013 is a Gigabit WLAN controller designed for use in small to medium-sized networks in SMEs, schools, guesthouses, hotels, and apartments. Central management of up to 256 APs provides complete wireless security and service solutions for any small to medium-sized wireless network.

The WAC-2013 integrates a variety of features that allow the administrator to easily build the AP configuration. Including tag-based VLAN settings, AP firmware updates, as well as monitoring of the number and status of connected APs and users.

The WAC-2013 controller is also an Internet gateway with a robust firewall to protect against intruders, 1 WAN and 4 LAN ports at Gigabit speed enable fast and reliable data distribution in the network.

The LevelOne WAC-2013 also supports real-time control of signal strength and interference information. With the results, the WAC-2013 automatically regulates network utilization, output power, RF coverage, and channel distribution of APs to optimize wireless coverage, roaming of end devices, and throughput.