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LevelOne GES-2208 Hilbert Gigabit Smart Lite Switch, 8-Port 10-inch, VLAN, QoS
(Network products/ Switches & hubs)

Article nr.: 1064271

If you're in search of a networking solution that fits your 10-inch rack/enclosure, the LevelOne GES-2208 Hilbert gigabit smart lite switch is an excellent option. This next-generation Ethernet switch delivers better functionality and usability, making it cost-effective for businesses and organizations.

The switch offers 8 (10M/100M/1G) RJ45 ports and is compatible with the latest LevelOne IP Locator, the easiest-to-use switch discovery tool, which can search all Hilbert series switches and instantly know forgotten IP and other info. Additionally, it's compatible with mainstream Windows and Mac operating systems.

With both dumb and smart Switchable usage modes, the switch is easily configurable using a DIP switch. It provides high-speed connectivity for all your devices, with 8 Gigabit ports. The support for 802.1q VLAN allows you to segment your network for enhanced security and performance.

The switch supports Port Mirroring, which allows you to monitor network traffic in real-time. Additionally, with Port-Based/802.1p/DSCP priority QoS and support for Storm Control, you can prioritize network traffic correctly and ensure that your network remains secure.

The advanced features like Loop Detection/Prevention make sure your network is always safe and reliable. Moreover, the web-based user interface and Smart-Configuration Utility make IP configuration a breeze. Upgrade your networking today with this powerful switch, and enjoy the ultimate performance, security, and ease of use.