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WOOX R4238 slim waterslot voor buiten
(Smart home/ Smart home)

Article nr.: 1063707

Control your garden watering/irrigation process
no hub required - works with any 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router without the need for a seperate hub or paid subscription service
Gives you the possibility to start or stop the irrigation of your garden whenever you like to supports bluetooth to enable a quick connection process

Control the R4238 by the free WOOX Home app
voice control by Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa is supported

Never forget to water your garden, full distance control enabled by WOOX Home.
The WOOX Home R4238 Smart Garden Irrigation Control automatically controls the water supply in your garden, and thus ensures the flexible irrigation of your plants in accordance with requirements. The irrigation times can be conveniently adjusted using your Smartphone or Tablet via the WOOX Home smart App. The R4238 works on the Wi-Fi protocol and connects to any 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router without the need for a seperate hub or paid subscription servivce.

The WOOX R4238 is powered by 4pcs AA batteries (included in package) which have a lifetime of 4 to 5 months before you need to replace them. In the WOOX Home app you will receive an alert when the battery load is getting low.

The WOOX R4238 is installed directly on your water output, water crane. It supports the standard outdoor water crane input of 26.5mm G 3/4” and comes including an extra male quick-fix adapter for 1/2” quick-fix fittings which are mandatory in the consumer outdoor watering market. On the R4238 you are also able to connect a 3/4” male connector enabling a wider user satisfaction and gives multiple possibilities to connect your desired output watering system. The R4238 supports a water pressure range of 0.034 to 0.827 MPa.

Control your garden irrigation
The WOOX R4238 gives you the possibility to water your garden whenever you like to. In the WOOX Home app you connect the R4238 Smart Garden Irrigation Control to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, when you enable Bluetooth on your smartphone the WOOX Home shall detect the R4238 even faster since it supports Bluetooth and works as a passthrough towards your Wi-Fi connection. Once connected you can start or stop the water output of the water crane where R4238 is connected. You can do this by the WOOX Home app or by the manual green button on the R4238 device itself. The WOOX Home gives you the opportunity to set watering schedules, create automations with other WOOX Home devices and enables control by Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice control speakers.

Package includes:
1. R4238 Smart Garden Irrigation Control x 1
2. AA battery x 4
3. 26.5mm G 3/ 4 inch adapter x 1
4. 33.3mm G 1 inch adapter x 1
5. Multi-language user manual