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Silicon Power SP20KMAPBK200CPW C200 Power bank, 20000 mAh, Lithium Polymer LiPo, White
(Power supply & adapters/ Batteries)

Article nr.: 1063692

Charged And Ready For Any Situation
When it comes to power banks, one size does not fit all. The new Share C200 power banks give you the charging power you’re looking for at the right size. Inside the Share C200, you’ve got enough charge for what matters most to you. The mighty, handy smartphone-sized Share C200 (20000mAh capacity) can charge 6.5 smartphones.

Comfortable Meets Tough
Whether you’re looking to charge your phone on your commute to work, or on nights out on the town, or you want to charge the family’s devices on a long road trip, you’ll find the Share C200 gives you versatility in your power. The smartphone-sized C200’s ergonomic shape design gives you a comfortable user experience, whether it’s hidden away or in the palm of your hand. With a stereogram pattern surface with an antifouling and anti-scratch design, it looks fantastic wherever you go.

More Than Enough
The best part is, you can charge two phones at the same time. With two USB Type-A connectors, charge all your devices or lend a helping hand to someone in need of a charge. Built for mobility, its added strap hole design enables easier storage and carrying, wherever life takes you.

The Safest Charge Around
More than merely portable batteries, we’ve included the LED light charging indicator you’ve grown to depend on. You’ll never suffer charging confusion again. The Share C200 comes prepared with Intelligent Safe Charging. Allowing a trickle charge when your battery nears 100%, it’s impossible to overcharge your device. Keep it plugged in and never again worry about the dangers of overcharging your device. The C200 comes complete with Multi-level protection (including Over-Current Protection, Under-Voltage Protection, Over-Voltage Protection, and Short-Circuit Protection) for the safest use.