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Silicon Power SP020TBPHD85BS3K Armor A85B Black Portable HDD, 2 TB, USB 3.2 Gen 1, Shockproof
(Storage/ Hard disk extern)

Article nr.: 1063620

One Tough Nut To Crack
Featuring the highest level of protection, the Armor A85B is an impenetrable fortress. A sturdy internal suspension system, seamless rubber covering, and robust aluminum casing result in a triple-layer construction that's 500kg pressure-resistant and 3m military-grade shockproof. It's tough enough to keep your data safe and sound from drops, bumps, or pressure – because accidents happen.

Sealed Tight With IP68 Protection
With its ultra tough and seamless casing, the Armor A85B is also IP68-rated for extra outdoor protection. This means it resists dust penetration and can withstand water immersion of up to 1m depth, so it's airtight sealed to keep out two of the most common threats to a drive. This makes it the perfect place to store or access your data when you're out in the wild.

Nothing To Lose With This Design
Are you one to constantly misplace cables when you need them the most? The Armor A85B's design has your back with a handy built-in cable-carry band because, wherever you need to access your data, the cable should be right there with you.

Super-Speed USB 3.2 Gen 1: Edit, Transfer, Move On
With super-speed USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface, the Armor A85B delivers swift read and write speeds. This cuts the time needed to edit or transfer large files, including HD graphics and videos, to get the job done faster so you can move on to the next project.