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Microsoft specialist

Gigabyte GC-AQC113C 10G BASE-T PCIe NIC, PCIe x4, RJ-45, CAT-6a, 10 Gbps
(Network products/ Adapters)

Article nr.: 1063442

VISION 10G LAN Card satisfies the excellent data transfer performance and impressive connectivity to deal with heavy workloads. Blazing-fast network access speed up your workflows and provide an immediate benefit.

Lightning-fast and Professional Grade ConnectivityVISION 10G LAN Card delivers 10X faster speed than Gigabit Ethernet, bringing for the best transfer speed. It could enhance the bandwidth of virtualization applications, the large file transfers, video editing, professional workloads, and meet the more bandwidth requires at your network infrastructure.8K Video Download Time Calculator

Easy to upgrade to take you further
VISION 10G LAN Card is equipped with a single RJ45 port, offering a cost-effective and easy to install via existing copper cabling at distances up to 100 meters. It supports backward compatibility and auto-negotiation between 10Gbps, 5Gbps, 2.5Gbps, 1Gbps, 100Mbps, and 10Mbps. Furthermore, the included full-height and low-profile brackets are compatible with most installations.