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WOOX R4252 outdoor wireless security camera kit, 2.8mm, 1/2.8" 2Megapixel progressive CMOS
(Smart home/ Smart home security)

Article nr.: 1063295

Weatherproof, UV resistance; IP65 certified
Wireless connection, rechargeable batteries
Unlimited energy efficient charging by included solar panel
Two-Way Audio
Motion / Sound Detection
Full HD 1080P
3MP high quality stream quality
3 different night visions: Infrared (black-white) / Color night / Smart night (bright color)
Works with Amazon Alexa, Echoshow, Google Home, Nest Hub

Full options outdoor camera kit by WOOX - superb quality built, picture quality and energy efficient green solar charging!
Nothing more important than a safe feeling, that's why we introduce this next step up WOOX R4252 Outdoor Camera Kit, it let you feel at ease all the time with full options at a great price. If you are looking for a stylish high quality security outdoor camera that doesn’t sacrifice features for budget, WOOX R4252 outdoor cam kit is by far your best choice.

Weatherproof, UV resistance; IP65 certified
The WOOX R4252 is IP65 certified which makes the R4252 WOOX outdoor security camera ideal for using outside and keeping recording in the ever-changing outdoor environment no matter rain or sunshine. UV resistance makes this R4252 outdoor camera ideal for guarding your home well even when the ultraviolet rays are particularly strong or the ambient temperature is between -20° and +60°C.

Wireless connection, battery
The R4252 comes with a non-replacable rechargeable battery of 5200mAh which can work up to 3 months on a full charge. Charging from empty to full takes around 4 hours with the supplied micro USB charging cable that is included in the package. The WOOX Home app gives you a notification when the battery is nearly empty so you have time to recharge and make sure your security does not get timed out for too long, charging until the LED lights up and your R4252 is good to go again.

Green, energy saving charging
Our R4252 kit comes including a 3 watt solar panel with an easy to install bracket and connection cable to the R4252 camera unit in order to keep it charged by solar lighting all the time, avoid extra energy use and charge by solar, it is energy saving and energy sufficient, let's keep it green together.

Two-Way Audio
Listening and talking by using 'WOOX Home' App anytime and anywhere. WOOX Home R4252 Cam Outdoor comes equipped with excellent two-way communication, letting you ask the courier to leave the package on the porch to complete unattended delivery, or help you scare away any would-be thieves.

Motion / Sound Detection
Keep an eye on your property at all times. WOOX Home R4252 Cam Outdoor features motion and sound detection, live alerts hit your app pretty quickly, make it easy to deter and catch thieves or intruders. To ensure extra security the R4252 also gives you the option to light up the 3 LED lights at the lens of the camera and it also includes a siren function that you can activate by several smart automations in the setting menu of the camera.

What a view
WOOX R4252 Cam Outdoor can rotate by its bracket and together with the 120 degrees field of view, it provids you with the full protection you need. Equipped with a high-quality sensor and 3MP effective pixel streaming the R4252 provides crystal clear 1080P HD content. Not only in daytime but also during the night times by three different Night vision levels: Infrared (black-white) - Regular color vision or Smart vision which is a brighter form of color night vision.

Package includes:
1. Smart Outdoor camera x 1
2. Solar panel
3. USB charging cable x 1
4. User manual x 1
5. Screw bag x 1
6. Security sticker x 2