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Shuttle PRC01 PCIe Riser for Slim PC XH510G2
(Computers/ Accessories)

Article nr.: 1063259

Expansion Kit PRC01 - enables second power adapter for Shuttle XPC slim XH510G2

The PRC01 expansion kit consists of a PCIe riser card and two adapter cables. Installing this accessory in the Shuttle XPC slim XH510G2 allows for a second external power adapter to be connected, enabling the use of more powerful graphics cards. By default, graphics cards with a maximum power dissipation of up to 75 watts can be supplied via the PCIe slot. With PRC01, the graphics card can be supplied with additional power via an internal 6- or 8-pin power connector.
Note: The second power adapter (e.g. Shuttle PE180) is not included with PRC01.

1) PCIe Riser Card
2) DC adapter cable for power adapter
3) Internal power cable for the graphics card with 6+2 pin connector
4) Quick Installation Guide
Note: the power adapter is not included (e.g. Shuttle PE180)

The PRC01 riser card is intended to be installed in the Shuttle XPC slim XH510G2.
Which power adapter can be used?
A power adapter is not included with PRC01.
The 4-pin DC connector supports power supplies with these output characteristics:
- output voltage: 19.5 V
- max. output wattage: 270 W
When using the supplied DC cable adapter, commercially available 90W or 180W power supplies with 2.5/5.5 mm DC connector can be used (see table below).
Graphics card power cable
The PRC01 kit provides an internal power cable for the graphics card which has a magic 6+2 pin connector. This means, it can be connected to graphics cards with 6-pin or 8-pin power connector.