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Gigabyte GB-BEI5-1240 Slime barebone PC, Intel Alder Lake P, i5-1240P, 2xDDR4, SO-DIMM, M.2, 2.5G
(Computers/ Barebone)

Article nr.: 1063220

Superior Low Noise
Thanks to the new thermal and firmware design, we are now able to have our new 2022 BRIX as one of the lowest noise mini PCs in the market. There are three levels of power plan settings in the BIOS (Quiet/Standard/Performance). Users can find the noise level is very suitable for all applications. In standby mode the noise generated is 20dB, and at 100% CPU load it just shy of 40dB.

12th Gen Intel® Core™ Mobile Processor Overview
Optimized for multi-tasking, delivering superior performance where you need it the most.

Game without Limits
Revolutionary new design with performance hybrid combines Performance-coreswith Efficient-cores, to enable you to chat, browse, stream, edit, record, and play.

Alchemist GPU
Play the latest DirectX12 Ultimate games at Ultra settings. Create Content high performance AI acceleration and full 8K media support.

Intel® Iris Xe Graphics
Powerful / efficient graphics / media (QSV) for 1080p gaming, AI-enhanced creation, and immersive entertainment

Connecting the Future
Nearly 3x faster connectivity, without the interference.1With exclusive high-speed channels that other devices can’t use, Intel® Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+) gives you the freedom to work and learn from home—and relax with smooth, high-quality streaming.

The USB Type-C™ is a new reversible connector that is loaded with useful features such as USB 3.1 support for 10 Gb/s transfer speed.

Quad-Display Support (4x4K)
Easily connect to your dream set-up with support for multiple 4K displays and keep your peripheral suite organized with Thunderbolt™4.

DDR4 3200MHz Support
GIGABYTE BRIX provides a 128-bit memory controller that supports DDR4 at up to 3200MHz. DDR4 is a type of synchronous dynamic random-access memory with a double data rate and high bandwidth interface. The primary advantages of DDR4 over its predecessor, DDR3, include higher module density and lower voltage requirements, coupled with higher data rate transfer speeds.

VESA Support
Bundled with a VESA bracket, the GIGABYTE BRIX™ can easily be mounted behind a monitor or HDTV, offering a simple and effective way to turn any VESA-compliant display or TV into a full-featured PC or digital signage unit.

Delivering superior performance where you need it most
Built-in intelligence can save you time, while enriching your computing experience.Enjoy features like noise suppression while collaborating, automated text, image and audio improvements while creating, and system optimization for bandwidth and video resolution while gaming on the go.

The BIOS of GIGABYTE BRIX Mini PC Features TPM 2.0 Function to Support Windows 11 Upgrade
Windows 11 is the latest operating system from Microsoft®, and features dozens of exciting new functions and Android APP support to effectively improve productivity, system security, and gaming performance. However, most of the users might be confusing that Windows 11 requires TPM 2.0 support means they need a TPM module on board for Windows 11 upgrade.

In fact, TPM 2.0 hardware is not a must to pass TPM 2.0 verification. GIGABYTE BRIX mini-PCs are not only known for their world-renowned durability, but also play a leading role in product design, especially when it comes to the TPM 2.0 support in the BIOS. Lots of GIGABYTE Intel® and AMD BRIX Mini PCs can pass the TPM 2.0 verification of the Windows 11 by simply enabling the TPM-related function in the BIOS, on which Intel® based chipset (11th Gen Core i / 10th Gen Core i processor) and above platforms will be featured firmware based fTPM function, and on the AMD models will loaded with hardware TPM chip. By this advanced BIOS setting, GIGABYTE BRIX min-PC can pass the TPM 2.0 verification of Windows 11 to prevent TPM 2.0 support becoming an issue to users during their system upgrade.