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Neomounts by newstar AFLS-825BL1 Neomounts Select Video Kit Cam- &AV shelf (incl. Logitech Rally
(Fastening systems/ Other)

Article nr.: 1063214

The Neomounts Select AFLS-825BL1 is a videobar & multimedia kit optional for the FL50S-825BL1 mobile floor stand.

The kit enables the installation of a separate cam shelf and multimedia device shelf to the trolley. The universal cam shelf can be installed both above and below the screen and is adjustable in height, to fit the screen. Additionally, the cam shelf can be mounted both on the front and back of the stand.

<>p>Included to the kit is an adapter for the Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini (also both placeable above and below the screen). In addition, the universal multimedia shelf is suitable for installation of i.a. the Logitech Tap.