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Cooler Master MLY-D36M-A23PZ-RW PL360 Flux White Edition, 360 mm radiator, Dual-loop,3x 120mm, White
(Coolers/ Processor coolers)

Article nr.: 1063126

Cooling Uncompromised
Cooler Master's Flux Series is the materialization of revolutionary cooling performance. With enhancements from the pump to the radiator and fans, the Flux Series delivers precisely tuned performance for superior heat dissipation and cooling capabilities.

Premium Dual Chamber Pump
New Dual Chamber Pump more compact than before while delivering the perfect volume of flow to pressure for impressive cooling performance.

Fine Tuned Performance Ratio
Precision engineered ultra-thin spaded fins maximize microchannels to accurately target heat spots. Enlarged copper base surface area with optimized base thickness further accelerates heat transfer.

Ultimate Heat Exchange
High speed motor utilizing a ceramic bearing impeller forces balanced water flow to and from the radiator for ultimate efficiency of heat exchange.

Slim & Sleek Radiator
Low profile radiator with superior fin density coupled with performance fans dissipates heat rapidly.

Redesigned Flux Series Fan
Unique air balance fan featuring interconnecting blades specifically designed for the Flux Series. Strengthened structure provides better stability for steady high speed operation. Angled inner fan frame rim boosts air intake, with frame gap generating increased air pressure for improved cooling.

Dual Loop ARGB Pump
Dual loop pump ARGB with independent lighting customization showcases your visual creativity without sacrificing cooling capability.Addressable Gen 2 RGB
Included Addressable Gen 2 RGB controller works with Cooler Master’s MasterPlus+ software to customize individual LED colors, effects, brightness and more – all from an intuitive, convenient interface.