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Silicon Power SP1M0ASYLK50CC1G, 1000 m, USB C -> USB C, USB 3.2 Gen 2, Black
(Cables & accessories/ USB cables)

Article nr.: 1063096

Type-C: The Now And Future Of Connectivity

With its USB Type-C to Type-C interface, the LK50CC is the best choice for smartphones, tablets, and notebooks for both now and the future. It supports output power up to 60W (max 3A) for a rapid charging experience. Take advantage of the Quick Charge feature on your mobile devices by charging up to 50% in just 30 minutes when paired with an 18W or higher USB Type-C power adapter.

A Charge-And-Play Mobile Gaming Experience

The cable's ergonomic L-shaped design promotes a comfortable charge-and-play mobile gaming experience. The curved design fits perfectly well with hand placements to play games and keep battery levels up at the same time.

Functional and Mighty Design

The flexible ridges on this 22 AWG cable were inspired by an electric current. This intelligent design offers better protection from direct or indirect damage by safely bending and releasing tension from the cable wires. Furthermore, the PET braided material provides ultra durable strength with a bend test pass rating of 30,000 times.

Hassle-Free Charging Convenience

The cable was thoughtfully constructed with a case-friendly design. It will save even more time by connecting to most mobile devices without needing to remove the case. It also comes with a convenient strap for when you want to store it away.