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Silicon Power SP20KMAPBKGS150W GS15 Powerbank, 20000 mAh, Lithium Polymer, Dual-input, White
(Power supply & adapters/ Power supplies)

Article nr.: 1063080

Go Further, For Longer
Premium battery cells deliver enough power to recharge just about any smartphone 4-6 full times, for days of power, anywhere. Superior materials within a high-quality construction make it incredibly durable yet comfortable to hold with its ergonomic shape.

Two Outputs, Two Times The Possibilities
With an impressive size-to-capacity ratio, the GS15 is equipped with 2 USB Type-A ports for dual-device charging. Both ports are engineered with our proprietary technology for smart and fast charging, making it the perfect choice for on-the-go traveling, solo or with a friend.

The Versatility Of Two Inputs
The GS15 is equipped with not just a standard Micro-USB input, but also a Type-C input. This versatility is just another reason that makes it perfectly portable. The Type-C input is also an ideal future-proof addition to sync with the growing trend of Type-C ports on devices.

Don’t Be Caught Powerless
The GS15 was designed for use with virtually any device that can charge via USB. At the simple touch of a button, up to 4 LED lights provide a clear indication of the remaining battery level, so you don’t need to fear being caught powerless while you’re away from an outlet ever again.

Safe And Maximal Charging With SP's Core Technologies
smartSENSE: an intuitive and universally-compatible charging technology that maximizes charging speed and auto-pairs with nearly any device.

Safe And Maximal Charging With SP's Core Technologies
smartFOCUS: an advanced calibrating technology that stabilizes voltage currents throughout the charging process to sustain maximal charging power.

Safe And Maximal Charging With SP's Core Technologies
smartSHIELD: a comprehensive 12-point safety guard that ensures total protection against vulnerabilities for both users and devices.