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Silicon Power SP000HSPSD75PSCK Bolt B75 Pro HDD/SSD enclosure, 2.5", SATA3, 10 Gbit/s, USB , Black
(Cases/ Ext. hard drive enclosure)

Article nr.: 1062979

Type-C: The Modern Connection
The Bolt B75 Pro enclosure is equipped with a Type-C USB port. It's ideal for easily pairing with the latest laptops that are also more commonly equipped with this feature. And, the plug is reversible, for added convenience regardless of your set-up.

Super Speed Follows Perfect Form
Upgrade your used 7mm 2. 5 inch HDD or SSD with a bold and durable look. The Bolt B75 Pro enclosure is a functional beauty (more on that below) with an inside that's just as impressive, too. Equipped with a USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface, it can transfer data up to a lightning-fast 10Gbp/s. That's twice as fast as its predecessor, USB 3.1 Gen 1. What makes it so quick? The answer is full-duplex communication, which means that information can be transferred and received simultaneously.

A Cool Design (Literally) With Mobile Practicality
The stylish design of the Bolt B75 Pro enclosure permits great heat dissipation through its aluminum body to keep it looking and feeling cool. Plus, the 12.2mm-thick casing is shockproof – but don't let that fool you – it's also extremely lightweight at only 0.07 kilogram. The perfect combination for either leisure or business travel.

Protection For The Perfectionist's Peace Of Mind
The 3D ridges of the Bolt B75 Pro enclosure contribute to its sleek look, but they actually serve a functional purpose as well. These raised lines provide a wondrous barrier from scratches and fingerprints. That's ideal for perfectionists who are irked by smudges, as well as most people who want to use a device the way it's meant to be used without fear of permanently scratching it.