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Silicon Power SP060TBEHDS07C3K Stream S07 portable HDD, 6 TB, 3.5", USB 3.2 gen 1, adapter EU, Led
(Storage/ Hard disk 3.5 inch)

Article nr.: 1062977

USB 3.2 Gen 1: Transfer & Move On, Quickly
Don't let the word 'external' fool you: with super-speed USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface, the Stream S07 delivers swift transfer speeds, up to 5Gbps. When you connect it to your PC, laptop, game console, or other compatible device for storage expansion, its impressive speed won't feel so distant. Cut the time needed to transfer large files and get the job done faster, so you can move on to something else.

Storage Space For Years To Come
What would you do with up to 8TB of extra storage capacity? That's up to 1.3 million photos (6MB per photo), 2 million songs (4MB per song), 800 Full-HD movies (10GB per movie), or 3.2 million e-books (2.5MB per e-book). Needless to say, it's a whole lot of storage space for years to come. At the same time, you'll improve your device's performance by freeing up space on its internal hard drive when transferring it to the Stream S07.

Entertainment On Your Schedule
With today's busy lifestyle, you may not always be home at the same time your favorite TV show, a major sporting event, or a movie that you've always wanted to watch is playing. With the S07, you don't need to worry – you can connect the drive to a compatible Smart TV and record while away from home. Enjoy the freedom of living your life on your time, not according to the TV schedule, while not missing a single program that interests you.

‘Cracked’ With A Purpose
The Stream S07 was carefully designed after a stone, a symbol of durability and longevity. And just like a stone that's been tested through time, it has a crack. But this crack is intentional – it has a dual purpose. First, it serves as a ventilation source to keep the drive running cool. Second, with built-in neon blue LED lights, it serves as a transfer status indicator that runs through the crack, illuminating it while processing data.

Thoughtful Design Meets Practical Functionality
What’s the point of a good design without sensible usability? For multiple configuration options based on your set-up preferences, the S07 can be placed either upright or flat, while looking just as good either way. And, when the drive is not in use, there is an automatic sleep mode enabled to save power. That’s better for the environment and for your wallet.

Extremely high storage capacity options, up to 8TB
Super-speed data transfer with USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface
As a storage expansion, free up space on your device's internal hard drive and improve its performance
Exclusive ventilation holes permit an incredible cooling effect and makes it suitable for high-temperature entertainment center environments
Thoughtfully designed drive can be placed either upright or flat for flexible configuration options
Connect it to your Smart TV and record all of your favorite movies and TV shows directly on to the drive and play them back whenever you like
Uniquely designed LED indicator makes it easier for users to gauge the transfer status
Power saving sleep mode enabled for when the drive is not in use
Free SP Widget software available for download to provide powerful functions such as data backup and restore, AES 256-bit encryption, and cloud storage for efficient data management