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Microsoft specialist

Silicon Power SP128GBUF3B20V1K Blaze B20, 128 GB, USB Type-A, 2.0, Capless, Black
(Memory (USB stick)/ USB3.1)

Article nr.: 1062722

USB 3.0 Ultra Fast Transfer Rate
SP Blaze B20 outstanding read/write speed is coupled with the latest USB 3.0 interface feature a 5Gb/s bandwidth which is 10x the bandwidth of a USB 2.0 interface. It saves users precious time backing up to and from the hard drive when transferring mass data files.

Matte surface diamond check design
The front cover features a luxurious diamond cut pattern with a matte surface outer case, SP Blaze B20 is fingerprints free and avoids any scratches while using it on a daily basis.

Fabulously designed with practical functions
Blaze B20 allows users to carry data around in fashion and ease. It's built in internal LED indicator illuminates through the front cover to display data transfer status during use.

SP Widget Software features seven main functions
1. 'My document' synchronization/ backup.
2. Sync or backup other folders.
3. Sync or backup 'Outlook/ Outlook Express'.
4. Copy and encryption your data into Pen Drives.
5. Download Symantec Norton Internet Security 60days trail for free.
6. Sync or backup 'My Favorite'.
7. Lock your computer by password, time or Pen Drive.