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Microsoft specialist

Silicon Power SP032GBUF2M01V1S Ultima â¡, 32 GB, USB Type-A, 2.0, Cap, 10 g, Silver
(Memory (USB stick)/ USB2.0)

Article nr.: 1062659

Brighten up and stay classic
It absolutely sparks when classic style meets brilliant colors. The multi-pack limited edition of color rose gold, gold and space gray is also for the convenience of file categorizing or sharing the use with companions!

Rugged and Durable on Hand
Durable aluminum casing is applied to protect the drive surface from fingerprints and scratches. The rugged construction ensures extraordinary and durable performance.

Compact size and a built-in strap hole
Characterized with the extremely compact size and a built-in strap hole, Ultima II I-Series makes itself convenient for daily carrying.