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Cooler Master MFZ-M2NN-21NPK-R1 Mobius 120, 120 MM, 2400 RPM, 30 DBa, 75.2 CFM
(Coolers/ Case/system fans)

Article nr.: 1062592

Perfecting Engineering
Cooler Master’s Mobius 120 is our new series of performance fans. With our enhanced Ring Blade Design, the Mobius Series optimizes both performance and acoustics, catering to a dynamic range of applications from case, liquid or air, to overclocking and intense gaming.

Ring Blade Design (RBD)
Interconnecting fan blades designed for a reinforced and rigid structure, eliminating vibration for stable and fluid fan operation.

Loop Dynamic Bearing
New loop dynamic bearing design utilizes thick oil coating and lubrication to allow for stable performance

Oil Reflow
The oil flows back to the sealed bearing to create constant lubrication against friction and increases the life span of the fan.

Dust Proofing
The sealed and concave position of the bearing prevents air and dust exposure and ensures a smooth transfer of motion.

Anti-sway System
Magnetic ring prevents bearing shaft from tilting, stabilizing the fan to prevent fan blade obstruction under various orientations, as well as oil spray.

Pressure Air Acceleration
Angled inner frame rim with chamfered side vents boost airflow draw, maximizing force induced air pressure and diminishing dead air.

Absolute Acoustics
Sound output fine tuned to the optimal prominence ratio to achieve sub 6dB noise levels without performance sacrifice.

Acoustic Testing Anechoic Chamber for ISO 3745
FFT analyzer: AD-3524 O Microphone: B&K 2235
Sound Pressure: IS0-7779
Sound Power: ISO-7779
Sound Quality: 1S0-532B /ISO
Background noise: below 6dBA
Mobius 120P ARGB
Mobius 120

Various Speeds, Various Functions
The Mobius Series offer various speeds for distinct usages. With the Mobius 120 operating up to 2050rpm, it is perfect for your case and chassis air intake. The Mobius 120P ARGB spins up to 2400rpm, designed to handle performance for air and liquid cooling.