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WOOX R7081 Zigbee trillingssensor
(Smart home/ Smart home security)

Article nr.: 1062253

•WOOX Zigbee Security Sensor Family Member
•A WOOX Zigbee Gateway is required to use this product
•Works well with all other WOOX Smart devices
•Works with voice control service of Amazon Alexa

WOOX R7081 Zigbee based vibration sensor also known as “anti-entrance” sensor is there to protect your belongings in the most simple way. When a vibration, tilt or drop is detected, the WOOX R7081 Vibration sensor will trigger the system to alert its user by sending notifications through the WOOX app or when an automation is set up with for example the WOOX R7051 indoor siren a clear alarm sound will be set of in order to inform everyone that an event has been triggered.

Designed to fit various places
The Vibration sensor can be placed anywhere according to your needs, guarding your home. It’s size is only 40.1 x 40.1 x 10.9mm so it’s convenient to place it at places where your security needs are at stake. The R7081 is a wireless device as it comes with a CR2032 battery with a battery life cycle of 1 year at normal use. Once the battery goes to a certain level (20% is mandatory, can be adjusted in the app) the app will send out a notification to the user as instant reminder of an upcoming battery replacement.

More Fun with other smart accessories
In the WOOX app you can set easily automations with other WOOX or Tuya based devices creating your perfect and smart set up. For example,the light will turn on after the detection of vibration, or the gateway will give out an alarm once an event is triggered.
Please Note: This item must match the Zigbee gateway to use, for example the WOOX R7070.

Package includes:
1. R7081 Vibration sensor unit
3. Multi-language user manual