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Shuttle WLN-M1 Universal WLAN-ax/Bluetooth Combo Kit with M.2 card
(Computers/ Accessories)

Article nr.: 1061717

The Shuttle Accessory WLN-M1 is a wireless LAN kit consisting of an Intel AX200 M.2-2230 card, two antennas and appropriate cables. The WLN-M1 is intended for certain Shuttle XPC barebones to equip them with the wireless LAN standard according to IEEE 802.11n/ac/ax at 2.4 / 5 GHz. At the same time, his combo device also supports Bluetooth 5.2.

Compatible with the following Shuttle products:
Shuttle XPC nano Barebone PCs: NC02Ux series, NC03Ux series, NC10Ux series
Shuttle XPC slim Barebone PCs: DH110(SE), DH270, DH310(S), DH310V2, DH370, DH410(S), DH470, DH610(S), DH670, XH110(V), XH110G, XH270, XH310(V), XH310R(V), XH410G, XH510G(2), XH610(V), XC60J, DX30, DL10J, DL20N(6), DH02Ux
Shuttle XPC cube Barebone PCs: SH110R4, SZ170R8V2, SZ270R8, SZ270R9, SH310R4(V2), SH370R6(V2)(Plus), SH370R8, SH510R4, SH570R6 (Plus), SH570R8, SW580R8
Shuttle XPC All-in-One Barebone PCs: P20U, P22U, P51U(3), P52U(3), X50V7xx, X50V8xx
Shuttle Edge: EN01J3, EN01J4, EN01E, EN01B (in combination with Shuttle Accessory LN007)

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