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L33T Gaming 160381Set of Anti-Glides for Gaming Chairs, 5pcs, incl. felt pads
(Multimedia/ Gaming stoelen)

Artikel nr.: 1061523

Replace the casters on your gaming or office chair and convert it into a stationary chair in just a few seconds. The anti-glides fit on 99% of all gaming and office chairs and they are perfect for all sorts of racing games with pedals and wheels.

Perfect for playing racing games (pedals & wheels)
Floor protective felt pads included
Standard 11 x 22mm grip ring mount
Convert your gaming chair to a stationery chair in a few seconds
No tools required – click on in seconds
Super strong set of 5 anti-glides for any gaming/office chair
Fit on 99% of all gaming/office chairs
1.3 inch high and 2.0 inch wide