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L33T Gaming 160375 Huginn Wireless Gaming 7.1 Headset w/ Mic, RF, LED RGB, 50mm driver, Black
(Multimedia/ Hoofdtelefoons)

Artikel nr.: 1061518

Huginn gaming headset with digital 7.1 or 2.0 analogue sound, LED light in cup, and detachable noise cancelling microphone.

A solid 50mm driver provides a state-of-the-art sound quality whether you chose to get the sound from the digital USB-A plug or the analogue 3.5mm jack plug. Both cables, which are made of braided tangle free materials, are included. The anti-pull analogue twist-lock cable keeps the cable in place so you don’t risk losing the connection.

The solid metal hinges gives the headset stability, while the soft headband gives comfort to you precious moments whether you play games and listen to music. The soft over-ear protein cushions ensure that your ears stay cool and give you the best possible pressure relief.

Mute button & volume adjuster are located on the backside of left side cup.