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Patriot PEF64GRLB32U SUPERSONIC RAGE LITE, USB 3.2 Gen1, 64 GB, 120 MB/s, PnP
(Geheugen (USB stick)/ USB3.2)

Artikel nr.: 1061377

Patriot's Supersonic Rage Lite USB 3.2 Gen. 1 compliant (backwards compatible with USB 3.0) is the ideal solution for those looking for a lightweight, portable, and fast performance transfer speed. The Rage Lite USB features a high-quality NAND and IC controller for excellent performance when working with various large file transfers. The durable housing features a retractable capless design with keychain holder for maximum protection and portability of your data along with easy Plug and Play functionality.

USB 3.2 Gen. 1 Compliant (backwards compatible with USB 3.0 )
Up to 120MB/s Read Speed
Plug and Play, driver free
Durable design extends the life of your drive
Retractable design protects USB connector when drive not in use
Compatible with Windows® 10 Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Linux 2.6 and later, Mac® OSX 10.X