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Neomounts by newstar Camera Shelf for PLASMA-M2500- & PLASMA-W2500 series - Black
(Bevestigingssystemen/ Wandmontage)

Artikel nr.: 1061273

Neomounts by Newstar model PLASMA-M2500CAMSHLF2 is a universal camera shelf for the PLASMA-M2500- & PLASMA-W2500-series electric height adjustable trolleys and floor stands. Ideal for video conferencing.

The camera shelf can be mounted on the back of the height adjustable column and the plate has a width of 24,1 cm and a depth of 11,6 cm. The height of the vertical strip is 80,3 cm. There are several sleeves in the plate where the camera can be safely secured.

- The PLASMA-M2500CAMSHLF2 is suitable for the PLASMA-M2500 and PLASMA-W2500 series, from April 2021.
- The PLASMA-M2500CAMSHLF2 is not suitable for any tiltable models.
- All installation material is included with the product.