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Moochies MW14BLK CONNECT SMARTWATCH 4G - BLACK, 1.4", Capacitive touch, 4 GB, 710 mAh
(Home & Living/ Horloges)

Artikel nr.: 1061230

Voice Calling
- Talk to your child, let them talk to you. Anytime. Anywhere
The Moochies kid's smart watch phone allows your child to make and receive calls from a parent controlled contact list. You decide who your child can call or be called by; granny and grandad yes, but no strangers.

- Keep in touch with your child with text, photo, emojis and voice messages.
The Moochies smart watch can receive voice and text messages, as well as sending voice messages, emojis and photos. Using a parent controlled contact list, you and your child can quickly communicate without calling.

Video Calling
- Two way video calling from the Moochies Watch and the MyMoochies App.
The Moochies phone watch can make and receive video calls between the watch and the MyMoochies App, adding an extra dimensions of fun.

- Capture those special moments. Snap Happy Kids.
The Moochies Smartphone watch has a built in camera which allows your kids to take photos that they can then share with their loved ones.

IP67 Waterproof
- Let your child play in the water without any worries.
The Moochies phone watch is fully waterproof up to a metre depth for 30 minutes, so your child can play in the water with confidence.

GPS tracking
- Track your child at any time. Anywhere in the world.
Using the Moochies app, you can see your child’s location on a map at any time, anywhere in the world. Featuring full GPS Tracking, you can still check their location.

Class Mode
Moochies doesn't disturb class times. Set up times when Moochies can't receive calls or messages to stop it disturbing school times, or being a distraction.

Free Moochies App
An app that lets you stay in control. NO app subscription fee.

Processor: Spreadtrum 9820E 1.3 GHz
Memory (RAM): 512MB
Storage: 4GB Solid State Storage
Screen: 1. 4 inch Capacitive Touch Panel (240 * 240 pixel resolution)
Camera: 0.3 MP Front Facing Video Camera
Battery: 710 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
Color: black