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LevelOne FEP-0631 6-Port Fast Ethernet, 4-Port PoE, 10/ 100 Mbps, 802.3af/at
(Netwerk producten/ Switches & hubs)

Artikel nr.: 1061208

The LevelOne FEP-0631 is a Fast Ethernet PoE switch with a total of 6 ports, two of which is available as uplink port and 4 ports for Power over Ethernet. Per PoE port a power supply of up to 30W is possible. The total PoE power budget is 60W. Distances up to 250m at 10Mbps is supported. It is an ideal solution when users use a combination of PoE and non-PoE devices. The FEP-0631 four PoE-enabled ports make it the ideal solution for users using PoE-enabled devices in the workplace. This can include a mix of PoE IP phones, PoE Wifi APs and PoE IP cams. It is the perfect solution for environments that want to upgrade their equipment and LAN infrastructure to PoE capability. The switch automatically detects the connected IEEE 802.3at/af standard device and provides these devices with power and data over a single cable. In addition, the FEP-0631 enables users to provide a stable and reliable high-speed LAN environment with store-and-forward switching architecture, packet error filtering and blockage-free packet forwarding. The 802.3x flow control mechanisms operate in both full and half duplex modes. This device supports the N-Way Auto Negotiation protocol, which automatically detects network speed and duplex mode.For instant fault detection, the FEP-0631 is equipped with a full range of LEDs to help monitor and troubleshoot the network.