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Conceptronic CIRO01W UVC Sterilizer, White, 275 nm, UV-C, 0.5 W, 2 lamp(s) USB Type-C
(Kantoorbenodigheden/ Schoonmaak)

Artikel nr.: 1060962

This CIRO UVC Sterilizer sanitizes masks, mobile phones, earpods, jewelry, watches, keys or other gadgets in only 5 minutes, killing germs, viruses and providing protection from invisible harmful organisms. Makes daily life safer and provides peace of mind that your high-touch devices and other life tools are free from contamination.To further enhance holistic wellbeing, the device comes with an aromatherapy function. Simply place a few drops of essential oil in the device and the sterilizer acts as an aromatherapy diffuser.The certified product also provides child safety functionality and automatically shuts off when the lid is open, avoiding exposing to ultraviolet light.The sterilizer is an innovative, multi-function piece of equipment which will become essential for everyday life!