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Microsoft specialist

Shuttle PAB-X50V7U322 X50V7U3L All-In-One Barebone, 15.6 Touchscreen, Intel Core i3-8145U, fanless,
(Computers/ Barebone)

Artikel nr.: 1060806

The Shuttle XPC all-in-one X50V7U3L is the latest addition to the X50 Series and is powered by Intel's Core i3-8145U processor. The new Whiskey Lake-U processor architecture helps improve on power consumption and computing power. Thanks to its passive cooling, the system is virtually noiseless, maintenance-free and approved for 24/7 nonstop operation. Particularly suitable for vertical applications is the arrangement of connectors at the bottom and the IP54 compliant front panel which is dust-protected and protected from splashing of water.