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Neomounts by Newstar TABLET-D100SILVER Universal Tablet & Smartphone Arm
(Bevestigingssystemen/ Bureaumontage)

Artikel nr.: 1060763

The Neomounts by Newstar tablet mount, model TABLET-D100SILVER is a universal tablet mount offering the tablet maximum functionality. Product Size 146-220 mm (width) x 7-11 mm (depth), available for: iPad, Samsung and other Universal tablets. Install the tablet bracket using a desk clamp.

This universal bracket becomes a powerful tool allowing tilt, swivel, rotation, height and depth adjustment. The mount has been arranged both for left - and right-handed users. Most tablets are appropriate on this holder.

By using an ergonomic mount neck- and back complaints can be avoided. Ideal for use in offices and on counters or in a reception area.

All installation material is included with the product.