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Gigabyte GB-BRR5H-4500 Mini PC Barebone, Ryzen 5 4500U, DDR4, SO-DIMM, SATA3, M.2, Wi-Fi 6, 90 W
(Computers/ Barebone)

Artikel nr.: 1060646

Small Outside, Powerful InsideChallenging the essence of how we define a desktop PC, GIGABYTE engineers have developed an ultra compact PC with pure black stylish chassis design. Ideal for a broad range of computing applications at home or in the office, the BRIX expounds sheer simplicity and convenience. With a broad choice of processors covering the entire performance spectrum, the BRIX sets a new standard for desktop miniaturization that makes it perfect as a discreet HTPC/multimedia hub, an ultra-low power PC for the family, an office PC or as a digital signage unit.
The Perfect Compact Home PC- Living room- Bedroom- Kitchen- Study
Vertical Markets- School- University computer labs- Libraries- Hospital / Medical equipment- Governmental
A Powerful Graphics Power House- Play the latest online game- Multimedia production- Video editing- 3D design
Powerful Commercial Applications- Factory testing machine- Bank ATM system- Gaming equipment- Vending machine- Security system
At the Office- Meeting room device- Workstation- Studio- Freelance office space
Simpler and Smarter Digital Life- Shopping mall signboard- Scoreboard system- Split-flap display- Indoor / Outdoor LED Display
AMD Ryzen 4000U OverviewAMD Ryzen 4000U series processors are based on the 7nm technology offering an incredible power efficiency leap. These new processors sport the Zen 2 core technology with 15% higher instructions per clock and 20% lower SOC power.
AMD Ryzen 4000U PerformanceAMD Ryzen 4000U series processors outperform the competition. The core leadership with up to 8 physical cores and 16 threads makes them the most powerful APUs. They dominate on creative performance but gaming too make them the ideal solution for any application.
Quad-Display Support (4x4K)GIGABYTE AMD Ryzen 4000U series support up to 4 independent displays, through its 4x HDMI ports, with 4K resolution giving users the flexibility to configure their working environment without any limitation.
Intel Wi-Fi 6 802.11axIntel Wireless solution supports 802.11ax, enables gigabit wireless performance, provides smooth video streaming, better gaming experience, few dropped connections and speeds up to 2.4Gbps.
2.5 GbE LANAdoption of 2.5G LAN provide up to 2.5 GbE network connectivity, with at least 2 times faster transfer speeds compared to general 1GbE networking, perfectly designed for gamers with ultimate online gaming experience.Support Multi-Gig(10/100/1000/2500Mbps) RJ-45 Ethernet.
Expanding the capability with GC-BRCML-DLC Add-On CardGIGABYTE BRIX is equipped with 1 x COM Port to support RS232, it can be easily used in a variety of commercial applications, such as Security system, Vending machine, ATM system, KIOSK, and so on. GIGABYTE BRIX can use the add-on card in HDD version, the add-on card can provide 1 x RJ45(Lan) and 1 x RJ45 to RS232 to increase the connectivity of IoT market. Through the different modular I/O shield design, the small size BRIX system can provide unlimited possibilities!
ConnectivityGIGABYTE BRIX AMD Ryzen 4000U series offer a plethora of available connections. All models provide multiple ports from Type-C connection all the way to AC Wi-Fi connectivity to 4x monitor outputs able to cover the needs of a business all the time.