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Neomounts by Newstar NS-CLMPSTANDBLACK Desk Stand for NS-GLSPROTECTXXX - set of 2
(Bevestigingssystemen/ Bureaumontage)

Artikel nr.: 1060567

The Neomounts by Newstar NS-CLMPSTANDBLACK table feet are suitable for the installation of i.a. the NS-GLSPROTECT safety screens or any other suitable screen with a thickness of 4-18 mm, that you want to place on a desk, table or counter. The clamps guarantee a solid and secure placement on the worktop and have a maximum weight capacity of 8 kg. The safety screen can easily be secured in the clamps, after which it can be placed directly on the worktop with the table feet.

Also available: De NS-CLMP25 (table thickness 8-25 mm) and NS-CLMP40 (table thickness 25-40 mm) desk clamp set with table clamp, in black and white.