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Shuttle DAD-D23011 23" All In One Digital Signage Player D230 23.1" LED, 1920x158 pixels, 400 cd/m²
(Computers/ Barebone)

Artikel nr.: 1060440

Bar-type digital signage player with biometric features
The Shuttle D230 is a slim digital signage display with a powerful integrated ARM/Android-based computing engine. Thanks to its unique form factor, it is perfectly suitable for shelf-edge advertising in retail. All content can be transferred via LAN or Wi-Fi. A mobile app for smartphones and tablets makes configuration and content management very easy. The 23.1" screen can be split in 1-4 same-sized segments, and the integrated camera allows marketers to tailor targeted biometric ads aligned with gender and age.

Integrated Camera
The built-in high-resolution camera enables visual recognition for security or marketing purposes.

Biometric Technology
Facial recognition technology can determine the demographic metrics of passers-by (e.g. shoppers), and offer personalised marketing based on metrics such as gender and age.

Standalone or Server-based
For an even more precise targeting, the D230 is available as a server-based solution that can perform an analysis of customer behaviour (Hot spot detection, VIP management etc.) via network.

4G/LTE Option
The mobile data option allows independent communication at locations where Wi-Fi or a local internet connection is not available. The D230 incorporates an M.2-3042 Key B slot for the LTE module, a slot for a nano SIM card and two pre-installed LTE antennas.

Integrated Wi-Fi
Device and content management with high data rates (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz supported) allows updating a bunch of devices in no time.

Up to five devices can be linked to reduce cable clutter. Thereby only a single power source is required.