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WOOX R6084 Smart Tower-Fan / ventilator, Wi-Fi, 96 cm, IP20, 45W, Power, Timer, OSC, MODE, SPEED
(Smart home/ Smart home)

Artikel nr.: 1060336

4 ways to control
Oscillation function
3-speed mode, 3-program mode
Works with Google Nest Hub & Amazon Echoshow

Meet our powerful 96cm tall R6084 Smart Tower Fan that surprises you with a strong gust of wind, a gentle breeze and everything in between. You will always find the perfect airflow strength. It does not matter where you are in the room, because it brings a pleasant coolness everywhere thanks to the horizontal oscillating function.

4 ways to control
R6084 Tower Fan gives you the opportunity to control it in 4 different ways.By our WOOX Home app, to use it over your own WiFi network and control it from wherever you are, this contol enables you to keep a room cool even when you are not around.
By voice control, when your R6084 is connected to the WOOX Home application there is a one-step installation to connect your Tower fan to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa voice control system enabling you to control the R6084 by voice in your own voice control set up.
By remote control, we supply in the R6084 Tower Fan package a infrared remote control so you also traditionally control the smart tower fan when you don’t have your WOOX Home app or any voice control speaker around.
By manual buttons, on top of the R6084 Tower Fan you will find nice responsive buttons to control the product to its fullest, set each speed, mode or timer also by these manual buttons.

Our WOOX R6084 Tower Fan comes with a 70° horizontal oscillation mode which enables an airflow to a wider needed environment, the tower fan turns gently driven by its powerful oscillation motor. This oscillation setting is very helpful on those hot days when you wish to cool down an entire sitting area in your living room or when you are sitting with multiple colleagues in one office at work.

3-speed mode
Our R6084 Tower Fan comes with a 3 level speed mode, Low, Medium and High which ofcourse you can set by either of the 4 ways of control as describe above. You can set the desired temperate you wish to cool in the device

3-program mode
WOOX Tower Fan gives you the option to set three different programs of cooling;Normal, this is the regular blowing cooling down program, giving the fastest result in your room.Natural, the tower fan makes sure it cools down the environment in its most natural way, energy-saving but still effective with taring down the temperature in a natural way.Sleep & Child, slow blowing method making sure the noise level of the device is at its lowest and cooling down is a gentle breeze ensuring you of a nice and comfort rest while still giving you an effective cooling experience.

Package includes:
1. R6084 Tower Fan with power cord
2. IR Remote control
3. Multi-language user manual