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Neovo PD-65Q 4K UHD LED Display, 64.5", IPS, 85 Hz, 700 cd/m², 1200:1, 3x HDMI 2.0, RJ-45, RS-232
(Monitoren/ LED)

Artikel nr.: 1060308

The PD-Series is a professional and reliable commercial display with 4K resolution and 700 nits brightness, suitable for being used in airport terminals, control rooms, and shopping malls. It integrates a full slate of input sources, including an embedded USB playback function, various I/O ports, and SDM slot. The PD-Series commercial-grade display can meet different kinds of digital signage solutions and allow you to broadcast multimedia content horizontally or vertically.

The PD-Series provides more value-added features, including PID Command & Ctrl, a display management software for remote management of displays via mobile devices, and patented Anti-Burn-in™ Technology to ensure the shown images are consistent and brilliant and prevent image burn in when static content is running for a long period of time.

700 nits High Brightness
The PD-Series features 4K UHD, 10-bit colour depth, and 178-degree viewing angle for brilliant colour performance. Besides that, the PD-Series adopts 700 nits brightness commercial-grade panel to deliver clear, bright, and detailed imagery even in the daylight or bright indoor environments.

Commercial-grade Panel for 24/7 use
Designed for 24/7 operation, AG Neovo commercial displays are produced to meet the highest professional standard and take advantage of superior components to ensure a long product lifetime in demanding environments.

Patented Anti-Burn-in Technology
Many large format displays that are tasked with broadcasting the same or still images for prolonged periods of time can suffer from irreparable discoloration or permanent 'ghost images' (also known as image sticking and burn-in effect) compromising the quality of the message on display. To combat the effects of LCD burn-in, or ghosting, AG Neovo utilizes its patented Anti-Burn-in™ Technology, which has been tested and proven to prevent image burn-in and assure the extended life span for displays.

Flexible Design Capabilities
The PD-Series is signage-friendly and can perfectly fit either in a landscape or in a portrait mode to experience complete screen orientation flexibility and fulfill the need in different scenarios.

Optional Intel® SDM Capability
The built-in SDM slot is designed for Intel smart display module, which is ready to deliver a powerful smart signage functionality for more user-friendly applications.

DisplayPort/IR/RS232 Daisy Chain Functionality
With DisplayPort daisy chain functionality, the video and audio can be delivered to multiple AG Neovo’s large format displays using DisplayPort cables, and it saves a significant amount of time. IR/RS232 loop-through capability provides a convenient single point of control for multi-display installation. Compared to digital signage without DisplayPort/RS232/IR looping, it can be difficult to manage and configure multiple displays.

Remote Display Management via Mobile Devices
In addition to allowing users to control AG Neovo displays via LAN or RS232 connections, PID Command & Ctrl provides intuitive web and mobile interfaces for remote management, OSD-related settings, and easy creation on video wall displays. The software also has functions like simple color calibration, temperature check, IR/key locking options, and time on usage monitoring for daily maintenance.

Versatile Connectivity
The PD-Series can easily connect to a variety of devices with the versatile connectivity options including DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, USB, IR, RS232, and RJ45. It offers more flexible video source options to build up signage applications and a greater deal of versatility to boot.