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Neomounts by Newstar DS10-200SL1 Phone Desk Stand (suited for phones up to 7inch)
(Bevestigingssystemen/ Bureaumontage)

Artikel nr.: 1059901

The Neomounts by Newstar DS10-200SL1 is a height adjustable stand for smartphones up to 7 inch. The clever tilt option (180°) allows the stand to change to the ideal viewing angle. Additionally, the stand can be adjusted in height from 17-27,5 cm. The phone stand is ideal for hands-free video calling, watching a movie or playing a game.

Thanks to the open configuration, the charging port remains accessible and charging wires can be routed to the back of the stand.The lightweight, foldable design makes the stand ideal to take with you wherever you want. The anti-skid silicon pads and safety ledge stopper ensure solid positioning of your phone.