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Microsoft specialist

Gigabyte GM-M6980X Laser mouse, USB Type-A, Optical, 5600 DPI, Black
(Invoerapparaten/ Muizen)

Artikel nr.: 1059872

- 6000dpi gaming-grade laser sensor
- Built-in GHOSTTM Engine supports 3 macro profiles on the go
- Tracking capability and image processing up to 12000fps
- 4-direction tilt wheel functionality

Powered by 6000dpi Advanced Gaming Laser Sensor
Professional-grade laser sensor offers lightning fast 12,000 fps image processing capability for absolute control and precise mouse movement.
- Standard mice has 3000 FPS image processing capability
- Built-in GHOSTTM Macro Engine

GHOSTTM macro engine which features intuitive interface allows you to pre-define up and switch between 9 programmable buttons easily for latest PC gaming titles. Onboard memory supports 3 macro profiles memorization for the gamer on the go.
4-direction Tilt Wheel Functionality

Versatile 4-direction tilt wheel for quick and easy desktop navigation. They are also programmable through GHOSTTM engine software.
- You may have to download GHOST engine software first to enjoy the complete function.
- 3-Stage DPI Adjustment

800/1600/5600 3-Stage DPI adjustable switch with 3-Stage LED indicators for quick on-the-fly DPI adjustment
- The hardware based sensitivity up to 5600dpi and software enhanced up to 6000dpi.
- Anti-slick Rubber Grip with Ideal Shape for comfortable Gameplay

Anti-slick ergonomic rubber grip reduces wrist strain and maximizes comfort during extended use.
Ultra-durable USB Cable

1.8M ultra durable cable with gold plated USB connector ensures stable and optimum signal transfer.
Non-slick Coating

Moisture-resistant non-slick coating for exceptional comfort during extended gameplay sessions.
Gaming Grade Feet Pads

Teflon gaming grade feet pads for improved accuracy and freedom of movement.
Hand-Comfort Guide
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