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Levelone SFP-6451 10Gbps Single-mode BIDI SFP+ Transceiver, 60km, TX 1270nm / RX 1330nm
(Netwerk producten/ Switches & hubs)

Artikel nr.: 1059750

The LevelOne SFP-6451 is a high performance, costeffective SFP transceiver. It provides up to 10 Gbps bi-directional data transfer rate at distances up to 60km on a single fiber core. These bi-directional SFP Transceivers allow data transfer in either direction through a single optical fiber by employing separate wavelengths travelling in either direction.

The SFP-6451 transmits using a wavelength of 1270nm and receives using a wavelength of 1330nm. When coupled with the LevelOne SFP-6551 transceiver which transmits at and receives at the opposite rates (1330nm TX and 1270nm RX) you get bi-direction data communication on a single fiber core.

The LevelOne SFP-6451 is therefore an optimal solution for a high number of fiber lengths on just a few fibers.

Key Features
Enkele vezelkoppeling in twee richtingen van 10Gbps
Supports Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface (DDMI) voor eenvoudige statuscontrole
Compliantie met norm voor IEEE 802.3ae, 10GBase-LR, 10GBase-LW
Compatibel met SFP Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA) standaarden
Hot-swappable levert non-stop service
Compliantie met RoHS en zonder lood

Package Contents
Quick Installation Guide