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WOOX R7046 Smart PIR Sensor
(Smart home/ Smart home)

Artikel nr.: 1059545

R7046 Smart PIR Motion Sensor is the sensor to detect motion or movement in your home or office. To use this Smart PIR Motion Sensor a WOOX Zigbee gateway is required like the R7070 (not included). The R7046 is easy to pair with your WOOX Zigbee gateway and connectable with all other WOOX devices in the same environment. You can set automations with for example WOOX Smart Lighting and turn one or multiple lights on when movement is detected. You can set motion detection in your WOOX Home app and get real-time notifications when movement is detected.

WOOX Zigbee Security Sensor Family Member
A WOOX Zigbee Gateway is required to use this product
Works well with all other WOOX Smart devices
Works with voice control services of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant