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Neovo DR22G Multi-purpose Dental Monitor, 22" LED, 250cd/m2, 20.000:1, 3ms, 170/160°, Spk, White
(Monitoren/ LED)

Artikel nr.: 1059029

Knowing that providing a safe environment to their patients is a dentist’s primary concern; the DR-Series is certified with EN/IEC 60601-1, ensuring a safe and reliable power connection by equipped with medical- grade power adapter and equipotential terminal connector. Along with NeoV™ Optical Glass and white metal casing, the display can be cleaned and disinfected with standard cleaning solutions. Besides, to accommodate the need to view X-ray films, the DR-Series features an illuminator mode, which allows dentists to diagnose without switching to other dedicated view boxes. From consultation to examination, the DR-Series is the perfect fit for any dental setting.

Versatility and Adaptability
The DR-Series is adaptable to fit every conceivable dental environment. Designed with DC 24V power supply, it is ideal for long-distance (up to 5 meters) cable management between dental equipment and displays. Compatible with VESA standard mounts, the display can be mounted on a rotatable arm with handles for easy movement.

Medical-Grade Safety Certification
The dental display with exceptionally clear images help dentists communicate more effectively with patients. With cutting-edge gamma correction, black-level alignment adjustability, and high contrast ratio, the DR-Series dental display can capture darker details and deliver premium images, thereby enhancing treatment quality.

Easy X-ray Film Viewing
The DR-Series features a unique illuminator mode that allows dentists to easily view X-ray films without separately installing a dedicated illuminator—just switch in or out of illuminator mode on the on-board key pad. Both physical films and digitalized colour images are viewable on the same display, making the DR-Series an optimal solution for the dental office.

Easy to Clean and Reliable Design
The anti-acid and anti-alkali coating treatment of NeoV™ Optical Glass ensures that the DR-Series withstand cleaning and disinfection. Coupled with front-sided IP22 compliance and white metal casing, the DR-Series is dust and water proof and easy to detect contamination for any dental use.