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Neovo TX-10 Multi-touch Interactive Display, 10" LED, 500cd/m2, 1300:1, 5ms, 170/170°, IP65, Black
(Monitoren/ LED)

Artikel nr.: 1059027

The TX-10 Multi-touch Interactive Display, with its 10.1-inch, 10-point touch screen, brings the experience of a tablet into the form factor of a monitor. Its foam seal design supports seamless integration into kiosks and its front-side IP65 rating protects the screen from dust and water. External mounting brackets are provided for installation in a wide variety of application environments—in a meeting room as a scheduling display, or in a number of public, commercial, and industrial interactive applications. Allowing for either landscape or portrait orientation, the TX-10 multi-touch interactive display is the perfect fit.

Fit for Any Scenario
Knowing that each user’s need is different, AG Neovo equipped its TX-10 multi-touch interactive display with external open frame brackets that allow users to mount their monitor in their unique environment and for their particular purpose—in either landscape or portrait orientation. Cleanliness and orderliness are key in commercial and industrial settings. A lockable power adapter and cable managers at the back end of the monitor keep cables neat and in order, preventing loose, messy, or disconnected cords.

Functional and Reliable for Real-world, Round-the-Clock Use
Using Projected Capacitive Touch Technology, the TX-10 interactive display has 10-point multi-touch capability and gives the user a higher-precision, seamless touch experience. And this functionality is backed by a high level of reliability for 24/7 use. Front-side IP65 rating protects the screen from water and dust. On the outer edge of the monitor are a plastic resin bezel and a foam seal finish, ensuring a seamless, airtight fit and impact protection. Finally, with its high operating temperature (up to 50°C or 122°F), the TX-10 multi-touch interactive display can keep working in adverse environments.

Corporate, Retail, Public, Industrial: The TX-10 Covers all Environments
With its trifecta of versatility, functionality, and durability, the TX-10 touch screen can fit a wide variety of user environments and applications, whether it is a schedule display in a meeting room, an e-catalogue in a retail boutique, a self-serve system in a restaurant, a check-in display at a hotel, an information kiosk at the mall, or a screen in an automated industrial setting.