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Equip 650830ERGO Face to Face Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame, Table frame, Metal, 1600 mm, Grey
(Bevestigingssystemen/ Bureaumontage)

Artikel nr.: 1058918

The equip® Face to Face Electric Height Adjustable Workstation is an ergonomic electric height adjustable Sit-Stand office desk combination, with height adjusters in each desk. It uses lifting system and motors in the legs of the table thereby raising and lowering the unit. Quad motors offers more power for increased stability and larger loading capacity while running with low noise for better and quieter working environment. The programmable LED memory controller helps you to build a sit-stand habit. With only one touch, you can adjust the desk to your desired working height.

Key Features
Digital LED Memory Controller: For customizable settings
Multiple Motors: offer heavier lifting ability and increased stability
3 Programmable Memory: presets save your desired height
Sit/Stand Time Reminder: for regular movement
Collision Avoidance System: safeguards against accidents and injuries
Motor(s) is(are) Thermal and Overload Protected: for safety and longevity
Switched Mode Power Supply: for energy and power efficiency
Cable Management: keeps everything organized
Adjustable Width: fits a variety of desktop shapes and sizes
Three Stage Standard Column: offers more adjustability