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LevelOne ACS-5301, 4-in-1 Fixed Dome CCTV Analog Camera, 720p, Wired, Dome, Ceiling, In/ outdoor
(Beveiliging/ Cameras)

Artikel nr.: 1058861

The LevelOne 720P CCTV Camera is a high-quality surveillance device which conforms to weatherproof standard IP67 and is capable of operating in temperatures from -20°C to 55°C, making it an ideal choice for home surveillance networks. Built-in infrared (IR) supports night monitoring for distances up to 30 metres, providing crystal-clear images at any time, under any light conditions. In addition, an IR correction feature avoids shifts of focus in both visible and infrared ranges, ensuring clear vision twenty-four hours a day. The quality cameras also offer full-screen, high resolution recording and playback. The 720P CCTV Camera is a great accessory for use with the Conceptronic 4/8-Channel 720P CCTV Surveillance Kit, providing everything you need for safe, secure surveillance of your home or business for the utmost in peace-of-mind.