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Conceptronic ATHAN01B ATHAN U1, 7.1-Ch Surround Sound Gaming Headset, USB, Head-band, 2m, Black
(Multimedia/ Hoofdtelefoons)

Artikel nr.: 1058838

These over-ear, noise-reducing headphones produce a surround-sound 7.1 effect that is the equivalent of a typical 8-channel speaker setup. They are designed for long-term comfort and all-day wear, with an adjustable headband and soft-cushioned, over-ear cups. The design reduces background noise for a fully-immersed experience and also enhances bass, while a top quality 50mm speaker punches out true, high-fidelity sound with great audio detail. 7-color LED lights create a ‘breathing’ effect, pulsating in time to the music or audio being played. The headphones work across multiple platforms, making them an excellent option for PC use, gaming, or simply listening to music.