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Conceptronic CHSPBTNFCSPKB Wireless Bluetooth Headset Speaker [Binaural, Digital, Black]
(Multimedia/ Hoofdtelefoons)

Artikel nr.: 1058635

The Conceptronic Wireless Bluetooth Headset Speaker is a multimedia device which connects wirelessly to a Bluetooth mobile phone, PDA, laptop or PC. A built-in NFC feature enables simple pairing with NFC-enabled devices by a single touch.
The device features both headset and speaker functions, providing you with more ways to enjoy music. Worn normally as an over-the-head set of headphones, the headset provides clear, high-quality sound. Speaker functionality is activated by twisting the earcups outwards, projecting much louder sound out into the room, party, beach or to a group of friends. The headset also enables hands-free speech in the office or home, offering top quality audio and voice clarity. A great companion for travelling or simply everyday life.