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Gigabyte GP-ASM2NE2256GTTDR Aorus RGB SSD, 256 GB, M.2 NVME, 3D TLC, 3100/ 1050 MB/s, 180K/ 240K
(Opslag/ Solid State Drive (M.2))

Artikel nr.: 1058422

Xtreme Storage Performance
With the new NVMe interface controller, AORUS RGB M.2 SSD delivers blazing speed up to 3480MB/sec sequential read, and up to 2000MB/s sequential write. Furthermore, the heatsink keeps controller and memory temperatures low, ensuring that SSD performance won't be compromised . This is particularly important to gamers since components heat up significantly during game play. Get ready to enter the next generation of computing, with faster and smoother in game streaming and graphic intensive rendering.

Easy Upgrade to all PCs
M.2 2280 is a small form factor that is a perfect fit to all kinds of PC upgrades. M.2 slots are becoming more popular on motherboards these days. You can easily install the SSD to enjoy faster response.

RGB Fusion Utility
With an integrated intuitive user interface, the RGB Fusion provides you a better solution for customizing the lighting effects across all supported devices. From motherboards, graphics cards to the peripheral products, you can personalize your gaming rig with your own style and show off your build by sharing the profiles. In addition, the new gaming mode makes the lighting effects interactive with selected games to bring you the most immersive gaming experience.

SSD Tool Box
The newly updated SSD Tool Box is an application that helps users monitor SSD Status, provides general information such as model name, FW version, health condition, drive optimization and also detects sensor temperature. Moreover, users can clear all the data with the Secure Erase function. You can download the SSD Tool Box from the Support.

• Form Factor: M.2 2280
• Interface: PCI-Express 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.3
• Total Capacity: 256GB
• Warranty: Limited 5-years
• Sequential Read Speed : up to 3100 MB/s
• Sequential Write speed : up to 1050 MB/s
• TRIM & S.M.A.R.T supported
• AES 256 supported