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Gigabyte GB-SBCAP4200 Mini PC [Intel Pentium® N4200 Quad 2.5Ghz, 1x SO-DIMM DDR3L-1866, USB3.1]
(Moederborden/ Intel S1151)

Artikel nr.: 1058309

Built-in Intel® Pentium™ N4200 (up to 2.5 GHz) quad-core processorGIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ Technology with 2x Copper PCB DesignSingle channel DDR3L SO-DIMM slot support

2 x RS232/422/485
Mini-PCIe Slot for Half-Length WIFI Card Support
Mini-PCIe Dual Purpose Slot for mSATA SSD Support
All Solid Capacitors with Humidity Protection New Glass Fabric PCB design
Dual GbE LAN with high ESD Protection support WOL and PXE
174 x 135 x 36.9 mm Chassis with Wide Range 9~36V DC-In Power Design

Intel® Pentium™ N4200 Processor
The Intel® Pentium™ N4200 Quad-Core processor is the latest system on chip (SoC) from Intel, combining CPU, graphics and memory controller in one package. Based on the 14nm manufacturing process, the Intel® Pentium™ N4200 uses the smallest package of any desktop processor within a low thermal envelope of on 6 watts. The Intel® Pentium™ N4200 boasts excellent performance including DX12 on Intel® HD Graphics, plus a dedicated HEVC decoder for smooth HD video playback.

GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™
GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ debuts on GIGABYTE motherboards, with a range of features and component choices that provide record-breaking performance, cool and efficient operation and extended motherboard lifespan.

2x Copper PCB Design (2 oz Copper PCB)
GIGABYTE's exclusive 2X Copper PCB design provides sufficient power trace paths between components to handle greater than normal power loads and to remove heat from the critical CPU power delivery area. This is essential to ensure the motherboard is able to handle the increased power loading that is necessary when overclocking