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Transcend TS128GMSA230S 230S mSATA SSD [128GB, mSATA, 6Gbps, 530/400 MB/S, 45K/70K, TRIM, NCQ]
(Opslag/ Solid State Drive (mSATA))

Artikel nr.: 1058170

Transcend's mSATA SSD 230S uses the SATA III 6Gb/s interface and a powerful controller, delivering blazing-fast performance, long-term reliability, and high cost-effectiveness. The compact mSATA form factor is just one-eighth the size of a standard 2. 5 inch SSD, making it perfect for use in space-constricted portable devices such as Ultrabooks, tablet PCs, and slim servers.

3D NAND flash memory
DDR3 DRAM cache
Advanced Global Wear-leveling and Block management for reliability
Built-in LDPC ECC (Error Correction Code) functionality
Supports Advanced Garbage Collection, S.M.A.R.T. function, and Security Command
Supports TRIM and NCQ commands