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Gigabyte GV-RVEGA20-16GD-B Radeon VII [PCIe3.0 x16, 16GB, HBM2) 4096 bit, 1 TB/s, 1400Mhz, 2x 8-pin]
(Grafische kaarten (VGA)/ AMD/ATI)

Artikel nr.: 1058117

7nm Technology For Radeon™ VII
Radeon™ VII shatter records with the world’s first 7nm gaming GPU, future-ready and built to meet the demands of high-performance gameplay.

Radeon™ VII Is Packed With Groundbreaking Technology
AMD Radeon™ VII graphics equipped with 60 compute units/3840 stream processors and packed an incredible 16GB of HBM2 memory and 1 TB/sec memory bandwidth, enabling powerful performance and hyper-realistic visuals.

For Gamer
Radeon™ VII is future-ready and built to meet the demands of high-performance gameplay with support for DirectX® 12 and Vulkan® features to deliver incredible gaming experiences at ultra-smooth and consistently high framerates in 1440p, ultrawide and 4K. Reinvigorate your favorite esports games and get unrestrained HD game streaming with virtually no performance impact. The Radeon™ VII GPU is in a class of its own.

For Creator
Radeon™ VII packs mega memory muscle and great graphics performance enabling hyper-realistic visuals. With 16GB of HBM2 memory, up to 1TB/second of memory bandwidth and a 4096-bit memory interface, the Radeon™ VII is perfectly suited for memory intensive and graphically demanding applications. Embrace content creation ̶ even in 8K resolutions, VR and beyond ̶ that's so quick and responsive it's practically clairvoyant.

No Stuttering. No Tearing. Just Gaming
Enhance your gaming by pairing AMD Radeon™ VII with a Radeon FreeSync™-capable monitor to eliminate stuttering and tearing for fluid and smooth performance. Push the boundaries of monitor technology further with Radeon FreeSync™ 2 HDR, combining fluid gameplay and plug-and-play HDR gaming at low latency, without tweaking your settings.

Total Control of Your Gaming at Your Fingertips
Take charge over your gaming with AMD Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition – intuitively stream, share and tweak graphics settings in real-time without missing a second of the action or compromising in-game performance.

- Powered by AMD Radeon™ VII
- 7nm Processor Technology
- 16GB 4096-bit High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2)
- 1TB/s Memory Bandwidth
- Features HDMIx1, DisplayPortx3
- System power supply requirement: 750W